1. Q:What channels of products are sold in Ciscoshop?

A:Ciscoshop guarantees that all the products sold in Ciscoshop are Chinese official licensed products.


2. Q:Whether all the products includes invoice?

A:All the products we sold include VAT.


3. Q:What the difference between official licensed products with grey market products?

A:All the official licensed products can register as your own company name, but grey market products normally already registered as the third party company. You could check your products on official Cisco website.


4. Q: How to apply after deliver payment?

A:You need register your full company information on ciscoshop and send us for approval. After the approval past, your company could make the payment according to the agreement.


5. Q: What if the second-hand or leasing products broken?

A: All the second-hand and leasing products we sold at Ciscoshop include at least one year warranty, meaning we will replace the broken products with our prepared back-up products and parts.

6. Q:What the difference between Cisco manufacture warranty and ciscoshop warranty?

A:Cisco manufacture warranty offered by cisco directly, and ciscoshop warranty offered by ITR.

7. Q:What kind of service included in new products?

A:All the products we sold included one year manufacture warranty.


You can inquire what kind of warranty included in your products here.